There is a separate entry for man core and non-core area personnel
Drainage system suitably located to prevent the backflow
Different packaging area i.e, primary and secondary are designed to avoid mix-ups
The proper light system is designed especially in the regions where the visual checks are performed
The area is hard, smooth and impervious that allows handling the dangerous materials


At our manufacturing premises, there is sufficient capacity for storage
The manufacturing room is designed as per environmental conditions including temperature, humidity and ventilation
We ensure that areas of dispatch don’t get affected by the weather conditions while loading and unloading of materials
We have vast warehousing facility that is divided into different sections that include separate areas for active and inactive materials
There is separate lock Almira maintained for the storage of returned, rejected, defected products
Ventilation of the room is proper by using HVAC systems
The packaging and printed material are essential so they are kept safely in a designated area